Identifying Building Foundation Issues and Solutions

Recommendations to utilize expert advice and service by professionals are required since the strength of a building is considered to lie in the foundation. With various environmental effects reducing the longevity of foundations constantly, utilization of qualitative material and expertise within an acceptable budget in a positive manner to approach enhance the lifespan of a stable living or working building structure.

Many homes across the globe having foundations of wooden stumps encounter a drawback of sag over time creating imbalance of the structure built on top. Having a solid foundation being the basis of every safe and stable home requires periodical inspection with usage of experts who could assist in completing a strenuous process with minimal damage to any existing structure.


With a foundation on any structure that is unstable, issues as jammed windows, crooked frames, plaster cracks, uneven floors can be noticed and could cause further damage or harm if not attended to in time. Foundations that are shifting are recommended to be fixed only after new stumps or posts are installed to ensure longevity of any stable & safe building.

Inspection of the area can be a hazardous process since it requires getting beneath the floor level. The probabilities of weather conditions effecting the placement or deterioration are common issues faced by many and opt for services of experts in the rectification process.

The process of renovating or replacement of the stumps or posts named house reblocking Melbourne or restumping is considered the usual method with technologically advanced material or treated wood being used as core to stabilize structures in modern times.

Common issues

Termites effecting the longevity and stability of structures are a common issue faced by many home owners who eventually progress with complete replacement or reinforcement as per experts in the industry. Similarly, environmental issues can cause shifting of the levels beneath the structure creating instability. Restumping is considered a necessity at this stage and usage of professionals is recommended in resolving the complication due to usage of jacks and hoists required to elevate the building in order to enhance stability and safety.Similarly, design structures with the usage of brick veneer with the foundation of concrete slabs require general maintenance periodically whilst significantly damaged areas require additional strengthening. The process of house underpinning involves propping the slabs with jacks with fresh concrete being poured to stabilize the structure and minimize additional damage that will be noticed subsequently if left under maintained. VIsit this link for more info on house underpinning Melbourne,


With the significance of the area of renovation comes the cost to complete, and with professionals being able to utilize advanced technology and materials options can be explored to arrive at an acceptable cost effective solution.

Options on the material components, number of columns or posts, the design used can be manipulated to ensure budgets are being controlled. Damage encountered through the process could also be addressed with professionals ensuring costs include minor repairs incurred within the project to ensure a completed project within an acceptable cost.